DoodleAround clients continue to share their labradoodle experiences as the pups
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We are very happy to have found Carolyn and DoodleAround.com. She is an amazing person. You can feel the love she has for her dogs in everything she does. The way she chooses the parents and raises the puppies results in incredible dogs. Carolyn is always there to help and answer questions, starting from the first interaction. She has been very responsive and forthcoming from the start.

It is very nice to get compliments about your dogs looks on more walks than not, but way more important: we are getting compliments about her temperament and her overall behaviour all the time! Mokka’s attitude and behaviour towards (new) people and situations is a testimony to her character and how she was raised. She loves people. She is very good with meet and greet with other dogs. New situations and “things” usually make her curious and she is happy to explore them. The two things she was wary about at first were joggers and strollers. Two moms handing her a treat from behind their strollers and a couple of run-bys from joggers with us staying calm was all it took to make her comfortable with both of these common encounters during walks.

With 21 weeks, Mokka knows how to sit, waits in front of the food bowl until released, waits in front of a door before getting out/in, knows not to jump on people (she is trying with new people of course). During walks, she is sitting down when people, dogs, bicycles approach us and pass by. If she is not sure what to do, but wants to be a good girl, she sits. :), recall is hit and miss, depending on the incentives on either side of the decision.We are working on loose leash walking, down, stay, recall, shake, leave it, drop it, give, get it.

We are very glad we trusted DoodleAround’s process of puppy picking. I could not have asked for a better fitting dog for our family.

Thank you,

Bettina Vu and family