Puppy 5, Gracie
Gracie has gone to her guardian home in Billings, MT, with the Thompsons and Bella.
Watch for possible future litters from Gracie.

Hi Carolyn!  I have attached some pictures for you.  Gracie continues to grow and grow and grow. I'm beginning to think she is going through a growth spurt like kids do - all she wants to do is eat!  Her paws are huge!  She and Bella continue to be best friends.  They play constantly. Tug-o-war is beginning to be a favorite as is "wrestling".  It's just what we had hoped for. Gracie loves playing outside -sometimes a little too much because as the snow melts, the mud builds up and she has a tendency to find it ( as you can see in the photo).  Luckily, she doesn't mind getting baths. We have thoroughly enjoyed her and so many people have commented on how sweet and calm she is.  We, of course, are very proud of her because she has learned to ring bells attached to the back door to tell us she needs to go outside - and she trained Bella to do the same - all in 2 days.  She has become my little shadow and that thrills me to pieces.  And, lastly, I have to say she loves her weekly visits to your house and comes home completely exhausted!  We're so thankful to have her be a part of our family.  Take care.  ~Katie and family
Gracie always eats laying down!Gracie loves the dishwasherGracie at 13 weeksMud is funBath timeBest friendsGracie and Bella

Hello Carolyn, Joe, and family,
Just thought I'd give you an update on Gracie!  She's doing great - already has quite the personality.  She really is doing well with the house training.  She's only had a few accidents and every time we let her out, she goes potty.  Your Misty method works:)  Gracie and Bella are doing well together.  They like each other's food, so I have to feed them in different places.  They like to play tug-a-war with a rope toy.  Gracie usually loses, but I'm sure not for long!  We have a table in our living room that is perfect for Gracie to get under and tease Bella because she's too big to go under the table.  They really are fun to watch!  Oh - and she loves the snow!  She jumps right into drifts.  She also thinks sticks are fun to pull off our bush in the backyard.  All good stuff:)  Thanks again.  ~Katie and family

pensive Gracie

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results 1/3/10
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed readily, tail up
Restraint: Struggled then settled
Social Dominance: Jumped, pawed (frisky)
Elevation Dominance: struggled, settled, licked
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  submissive, adapts to most households, may be slightly less outgoing and active than a dog scoring mostly 3's, trains well. Test performed by a stranger in a strange room.  Results are for wholistic interpretation and may vary with many circumstances.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com
We use the Misty Method of potty training: to educate early on.
New owners can expect their puppy to be well-familiarized with
the finer household habits; from paper training to doggy doors.