Puppy 9, Timber
Red Boy has gone home with the Roberts family of Big Timber, Montana

Ruff Ruff !

Wishing all of you a very happy holidays.  I am traveling with my family to Nevada for Christmas.
I really have lots of fun playing in the snow. 
Merry Christmas!  Love, Timber from Big Timber


Hello Carolyn,  Here are a couple of photos I took today of Timber.
We always joke that he would be a good mop for our hardwood floors.
Have a great day!!  ~Megan

Thought you might like some photos of Timber.  We love him so much.  We take him with us everywhere.  He even survived a day of shopping in Bozeman; of course we took him into PetSmart.  A lady was hanging out of her car window wanting to know what kind of dog we have.  We have been working on our commands and taking daily walks.  House training was fast; after the first 10 days we have had no accidents.  Timber really wants our cat to play with him.  Of course the cat just sits and stares at him, wondering "what's this curly-haired thing and why is he bugging me?" Thanks again for a wonderful puppy!!  ~Megan

We have had a wonderful time with Timber today!  We were so proud of him when he whined at the front door to go outside to potty.  You did an outstanding job.  Wish us luck for tonight.  ~Megan

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Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results 1/3/10
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed hesitantly, tail down
Restraint: no struggle
Social Dominance: cuddled up, tried to lick face
Elevation Dominance: no struggle, relaxed
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  Test performed by a stranger in a strange room.  Results are for wholistic interpretation and may vary with many circumstances.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com
We use the Misty Method of potty training: to educate early on.
New owners can expect their puppy
to be well-familiarized with
the finer household habits; from paper training to doggy doors.