Puppy 8, Sophie
Pink Girl has gone home to Katy in Scottsdale, Arizona !
Hello! Sorry it took me so long to send Sophie's first birthday update. We
have been very busy planning a possible move to Texas...... I know, Sophie will be quite the travel girl haha. She is doing just great! Her favorite thing to do is go hiking, as soon as the hiking shoes come out of the closet she gets so excited! She also loves swimming, every time we get home from a hike she darts straight to the pool for a swim! We love her so much! Thanks again for the perfect puppy!
Katy and Wyatt


Sophie seems to be very happy here in Arizona. She and Rudy (our pit bull) have become the best of friends. They play, sleep and eat together! He acts like she is his baby he has to take care of. The funny thing is that Sophie is the total dominator.  She chases him around all day long.  I have to say it's hilarious to see a little labradoodle chasing a pit bull around!  She is such an amazing dog with so much personality, we honestly couldn't love her more!  Thanks again for our little Sophie!


I had a great time visiting and meeting you all.  I just wanted to let you know Sophie did wonderfully on the plane ride home! She slept on the first flight and only cried a little on the second. She was such a good girl! I was very proud of her. Thanks again!  ~Katy

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Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results 1/3/10
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed readily, tail up
Restraint: no struggle
Social Dominance: cuddled up, tried to lick face
Elevation Dominance: no struggle, relaxed
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  Test performed by a stranger in a strange room.  Results are for wholistic interpretation and may vary with many circumstances.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com
We use the Misty Method of potty training: to educate early on.
New owners can expect their puppy
to be well-familiarized with
the finer household habits; from paper training to doggy doors.