Puppy 3, Luna
Luna has gone home with the Vernholm family and her half sister Maggie, from Litter #1.
Hello, just wanted to send you the lastest on Luna.  She is growing up quickly and learning a lot these days.  Even though she is full of energy, she is just about the sweetest puppy I've ever known.  She never went through a biting stage.  And she just lost her last baby tooth a few days ago so as soon as all the adult teeth are in the chewing should drop off, even though it hasn't been too much of a problem anyways.  I think the only damage she caused was the corners of a couple of towels from her crate, a chapstick lid, and lots and lots of puppy toys.  She knows the "stay" command extremely well yet has shown not the slightest interest in fetch.  Perhaps she's too smart for that game...  or she just knows that Maggie will go and get it and bring it back for her.  She weighs about 33 pounds and has such a small dainty head.  She is such a cuddler, always needing to be touching me when she's sleeping in the living room.  Maggie and Luna have been loving their spring hikes and swims.  Well, Maggie swims, Luna is kinda a prissy little poodle...haha...she will only go in about ankle deep and if it's muddy she prefers to walk around the puddle instead of plowing through it like another doodle she knows. They get along great and are so different yet so alike.  It's so much fun to watch them grow up and see how the personalities differ.  Thank you again for two beautiful doodles with the best personalities we could have ever asked for.

Hey, thanks for the little update after litter #2's birthday.  Luna got a bit of spoiling on her birthday, some special alone time with Eric, and she got to sleep in bed with us all by herself that night... plus treats, a new toy and a visit to the GoFetch pet store.  She's grown into a pretty and petite little girl.  I noticed one of the other puppy's owners were wondering the size of the other puppies.  I too am curious about their sizes.  Luna is only 42 pounds.  She stands just as tall as Maggie, but she's so thin, leggy, and petite.  Maggie weighs 58 pounds.  Luna has grown up to be extremely sweet.  She is the cuddliest puppy I've ever known.  She is crazy hyper and energetic and a 10 mile hike doesn't seem to even touch her energy level.  Now that she's a year old she'll start running even more with me.  She's been running up to 5 miles about 3 times a week so far.  She's got some wild crazy curls though too, that no matter how many baths, combings, and trims she gets her hair never behaves.  She's been a bit of a challenge with her crazy energy but I wouldn't trade her for the world.  She has developed two nick-names for herself.  Luna-Bop is her nickname when she's going crazy and running every which way, and then Luna-Bella is her name when she's being super sweet and cuddly.  I love that little pup so much.  She is a constant source of amusement.  And she's still my girl...Eric hasn't stolen her over to his side yet :)
Thank you for the two best pups we could ever ask for...we are truly blessed to have these two crazy doodles. 


Hello:  Just wanted to let you know that Luna is doing really well.  She and Maggie are playing together more and more.  She is learning everything very quickly and is most definitely a high energy puppy.  She's so adorable though.  At 13 weeks old she weighed 14 pounds.  We were a little surprised as Maggie weighed 8 pounds more at that age, but Luna is all legs whereas Maggie was a bit stockier as a pup.  Luna has the prettiest little trot when she's moving along on her leash.  She already loves snow and isn't afraid to hop right into her baths.  So as long as she continues to love snow and water, she and Maggie will be friends for life.  Here's some recent pictures I took last night.  She was tired from her walk yesterday and from learning to go down our steep front stairs so she was finally still enough to get some good pictures.

Hello there, just thought it was finally time I update you on Luna.  She is doing really well and is very smart.  She had learned sit, down, and come within the first week.  She doesn't always do these things if there's no treat, but if there's a treat she'll do them no problem so I know she knows what they mean...she just needs a little encouraging.  She finally discovered that she can climb onto the couch this morning and she crawled up there and knocked her water dish off the top of her crate where we put it after picking it up last night before bed.  She is a super sweet little puppy and loves to cuddle.  She loves to sleep with her head resting on my feet and as of now, still isn't too crazy about Eric...Yay!  haha.  She's very independent and curious and has no fear so she's taking a bit more of our time than Maggie did as a pup.  Maggie and Luna get along great.  They both met another 3 month pup a few days ago and they all did great, Luna wasn't scared, but she was still a little small to get herself included in their wrestling.  She got plowed over a few times but she's a tough little girl.  Anyhow, just wanted to let you know how she's doing.  Here's a few pictures. ~Sophie

Luna is keeping us pretty busy.  She is a sweetheart, but she is a spunky little thing.  I do believe she got all the excess energy that Maggie lacked as a puppy.  And I've never seen such an appetite!!  At this rate she will surely weigh 80 pounds...haha.  Maggie has finally gotten over being scared of Luna and they have been playing constantly when not sleeping.  They are buddies already.  Thanks for two wonderful pups.  We are very happy with DoodleAround and with our little girls.  ~Sophie

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results 1/3/10
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed readily, tail up
Restraint: No struggle
Social Dominance: cuddled up, tried to lick face
Elevation Dominance: no struggle, froze
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  Test performed by a stranger in a strange room.  Results are for wholistic interpretation and may vary with many circumstances.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com
We use the Misty Method of potty training: to educate early on.
New owners can expect their puppy
to be well-familiarized with
the finer household habits; from paper training to doggy doors.