Willow, Puppy 1, Pink Girl sold on 11/11/08
1/2/09  DeBar Family:  Willow is doing great - growing big!  She's a little rough on old Macy, but they really like each other.  One cat likes her, the other one doesn't.  She knows lots of words already and sits, stays, and lies down.  She's a smart and lovable dog :)  Thanks again and have a great 2009.  D&M

Willow has become most like her mother. She's very calm, loving and socially savvy.
 She likes to be cuddled and, as most of the pups, thrives on lots of eye contact.  Willow's new home is the expansive, lush, green valley south of Lewistown, Montana, where she can roam as far as the fencelines.  In her home, she will have a companion canine and two felines to show her the ropes, as well as some horses who will keep her hoof'n it.Willow 11/14/08

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed readily, tail up
Restraint: settled with eye contact
Social Dominance: cuddled up, tried to lick face
Elevation Dominance: no struggle, relaxed
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com

Pink girl does have webbed toes.  
Results of her swimming test are
awaiting a warmer day.  All puppies are enjoying their bathtub time.