Puppy 6, Piper
Piper has gone home with the Williams family of Sheridan,
Wyoming, where Bailey is her canine companion.

Hi Carolyn: I thought you'd like to see a couple pictures of little Miss Piper, since it's been a year since we got her. She is such a character.  The people who watch the dogs when we're gone have renamed her "Snowball".  I will be getting her clipped again when it warms up.  I had to include the picture of Bailey also.  I took them to see Santa before Christmas and those pictures turned out very well.  I'll try to send a copy sometime.  Hope things are good up there. Keep in touch, Debi Ü


Just wanted to let you know that Piper has been to Puppy College and passed with flying colors. The trainer usually keeps them for a month but our baby was ready to go after 10 days. We were out of town and couldn't pick her up that soon, but she was well ready to go when we got there to pick her up. When I had called about her from the road, the trainer said "You really picked a KEEPER"!!! He was very impressed with her.  She and Bailey are the best of buds and she has truly added so much enjoyment to our lives. I promise to send pictures soon. Best of luck with your new litter. We still tell everyone about your wonderful web site and beautiful operation. Best wishes, Debi

Hi Carolyn,
I wanted to send these funny pictures.  Our grand kids visited us for spring break.  One day we
took the dogs on a long walk in our area.  Piper ran about 3 times more than Bailey to keep up with him and then stopped to play with a neighbor's goldendoodle on our way home.  Kendall, our 8 yr. old granddaughter finially put Piper on the leash so we could be on our way home.  Poor Piper got part way up the hill and just said "I can't go a step further".  Poor dog looked like road kill.  She finally made her way up the rest of the hill and crashed in the living room.  As you can tell we are really enjoying her.  She is so much fun and has learned so much from Bailey.  This was the first time she had been around the grand kids and she was wonderful.  They are ages 8, 5, and 7 months.  Hope you had a great Easter.  Debi

Here's a couple of pictures of our baby.  She cut her foot today and has to wear the terrible lamp shade.  Didn't need any stitches - it was just a toe nail tear.  She has her surgery last week and did very well.  She'll get those stitches out early next week.  
She's just such a doll baby.  It has been so easy.  I thought we were crazy getting a puppy but she has learned so much from Bailey and is so smart.  Grandkids are coming next week.  That will be fun for everyone - they haven't met yet.  Debi Ü

Dear Mom and my lovely DeBar family,

 Well, it was a week ago that I left home on a big adventure.  Three nice ladies and I got in a car and drove away.  I didn't know exactly what was happening.  We went a long way and then stopped so I could go potty.  That was a welcome stop.  I ran around a little, but had to get back in the car for another ride.  One more potty break and one of the ladies left us.  One more stop and another lady kissed me and said "good-bye."  So one lady and I went a little further and finally I could get out and run around...  good thing too, 'cuz my tummy started to have that feeling again - like when I was on the long ride and all of a sudden there was my breakfast again.  NOTE TO SELF:  It doesn't taste as good the second time and looks disgusting.

To my surprise, I have a BIG brother.  He is big, brown and was sorta glad to see me.  He asked me a couple of times when I was going to leave.  I cried when it got dark and the house got quiet.  All of a sudden I remembered Mama and Carolyn and Joe and my kids.  I was sad and let that lady know I wanted MY MAMA!!!
The next day was a little better. I found out that BIG brothers' name is Bailey and he's being nicer to me - not that he was mean - just kinda ignored me. (He told me that he's a labradoodle too.)  Now he takes me out and shows me around this place.  It's pretty nice.  There are all kinds of good smells.  I especially like when those big animals have been in the grass.  Bailey said they are "deer" and those little pellets that they leave for us are delicious.
Sorry that it has taken me so long to write this.  I started it as soon as I got to this house and so many things have happened.  My man and lady have taken me to this place twice - I see a very nice lady there (she's always so happy to see me), I have to get on this long thing and sit still so they can read the thing above it.  I think it's a clock because it has numbers on it but when I dance around the numbers change - it's pretty funny!!!  Then I go into a little room and a man comes in.  He's really silly, he even gets down on the floor with me.  The nice lady with him gives me some yummy stuff to lick up - funny tho cuz while I'm licking up the yummy stuff I get a little poke.  It doesn't hurt really.  I heard them talking that soon I'll be going back there "to get fixed".  Mama I didn't even know that I was broken.
My legs are getting longer.  My man and lady have had to expand my kennel several times.  I sleep in there at night and when my man and lady leave for short times.  A couple of times, I've went to visit some other dogs and a very nice lady and man.  Bailey said that one of the dogs is his mama and one is his daddy.  He calls the lady and man Auntie Hanna and Uncle Steve.  There are two other dogs there too.  One is the biggest dog I've even seen and then there is Baxter.  He told me he's a jack russell.  Something funny happened, 'cuz the first time I went to see him, he was bigger than me and the next time I was bigger than him.  We can't figure it out, but we're still good buds.
I promise to write again and my lady keeps taking pictures of me.  I miss you all but promise you that I am settling in at this place pretty well.  I hear that in the spring I'm going to go to get some training - whatever that is.  Bailey says it's a really good thing and that friend "Keen Bailey" has a really cool place that I'll go and stay for a little while.  If I learn my lessons quickly I'll be back here in no time.  And as smart as everyone keeps telling me I am, that should be a cinch.
Bye for now,
Piper Pipsqueek
P.S.  I forgot to tell you that something else is funny - I keep loosing my teeth.  Where is that tooth fairy when I need her?

Hi Carolyn:  Piper has written y'all a letter, but we are out-of-town and the letter is at home.  Piper and Bailey have been with their aunt and uncle and their dogs. 
I called today and they said Piper is a real trooper.  She took all the dogs for a walk on Saturday and Piper just chucked along with all the "BIG DOGS"...  and then came home and slept three hours.  We are enjoying her so much and she and Bailey are just the best of buds.  I have more pictures to send you and will do that soon.  Hope all is well with you.  Keep in touch.  ~Debi

Here's a couple pictures of Piper.  She's doing wonderfully; growing like a weed.  She's over 18 lbs. and getting tall.  We'll keep in touch.  I may have a friend who is interested in a future litter: puppies from Moose.  ~
Debi  Ü
Piper is wonderful.  She had learned to speak as well as shake and sit that you had started her on.  She is doing great with her potty training and LOVES
her big brother Bailey.  They are having so much fun together racing around, up and down the hills outside.  They wrestle in the house, play with lots of toys
and have good naps.  I took her to an assisted living home and a nursing home one day.  The residents LOVED her.  She sleeps most of the night and
goes into her kennel without being coaxed.  I'll keep you posted on her.   ~Debi, Bruce, Bailey and Piper Ü
Good morning all,
Your wonderful baby Piper is fitting in here with us just great. Our ride home was fine. She did throw up on the way but we were prepared.
We went for a walk yesterday, approx 1/2 mile and Piper did wonderfully. She is so smart and really has stolen our hearts. We'll keep in touch. ~Debi
P.S. My friends were very impressed with our visit to DoodleAround and said they would keep future litters in mind.

I am doodle, hear me roarnoble Burgundycute Burgundy Girl
Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) Results 1/3/10
Social Attraction: came readily, tail up
Following: followed readily, tail up
Restraint: struggled
Social Dominance: went away and stayed away
Elevation Dominance: no struggle, licked at hands
Results indicate acceptance of human leadership; best obedience prospect for the average owner.  Adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and elderly. Inclined to be active.  Test performed by a stranger in a strange room.  Results are for wholistic interpretation and may vary with many circumstances.  More details of the PAT and its interpretation are available at WorkingDogs.com
We use the Misty Method of potty training: to educate early on.
New owners can expect their puppy
to be well-familiarized with
the finer household habits; from paper training to doggy doors.