Doodle Contract

We do everything within our power to breed a healthy litter of labradoodle puppies.  We guarantee that your puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase and delivery.  We will keep him/her until 8-9 weeks of age (depending on when that particular litter needs its first vaccines) and provide veterinary exams and the first set of vaccinations.  Within 3 days of receiving your puppy, please acquaint him/her with your own family veterinarian.  If your puppy has any health issues at this time, you may request a refund or replacement puppy.  We also provide a three year health warranty for any hereditary disorders.  We will NOT cover hip problems if the puppy is raised on a surface with no traction, such as most laminate flooring, as this is a major contributor to this disease.  We do not cover tooth issues, EXCEPT if a puppy has a base narrow canine ADULT tooth that is poking into their soft palate, we will cover up to $500 for that tooth to be filed and capped during a spay/neuter/sterilazation procedure. If a health problem develops within the first three years and is determined to be hereditary, we will refund or replace, per the signed contract.  

You may fly in and pick up your puppy so she can fly home in cabin with you--we are happy to pick you up at the airport to come meet us and all of the dogs in our home--and we have room to host you overnight if your flight in and out are not on the same day.  Check with individual airlines for their rules, regulations and fees.  We are also happy to hand-deliver a puppy within 200 miles of our home.  We will fly with a puppy in cabin anywhere in the U.S.  There is an additional $250 fee for this service, on top of the price of a health certificate, flight, hotel (if necessary), food, and the soft-sided crate for the puppy.  IF you have a representative look at the puppy before shipping to ensure the puppy is what you want, we are able to ship puppies all over the United States, Canada.   Possible representatives are trainers, vets, or someone you personally know in the area.  If you do not have a representative, you must pick up the puppy yourself or arrange for a flight nanny (your representative) to do so. Shipping costs depend on the size of the puppy and crate together and are usually between $500-$550--you pay for the health certificate, the crate, and the airline fees.  

Your puppy comes with a starter package of a Nuvet sample, toys, chews, blanket that smells like home, collar, leash, seat belt strap, health record, microchip record, and other recommended literature.  See more details on our About Us page.

$2800 ~ for Australian Labradoodles (ALDs) 
$2500 ~ for Infusion Labradoodles (lab, cocker, or poodle infused into an existing ALD line)  ($2250 with below discount)
$2500 ~
discounted for Veterans, active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, police officers, EMT's, and fire fighters.

Please download DoodleAround's Puppy Contract, which is our purchase agreement.  It outlines our obligations as breeders and your obligations as you provide a quality home for your new family member.
 These obligations are summarized below.  We do require a completed contract prior to delivery of your new Australian labradoodle puppy.

a happy, healthy, socialized, loved puppy
a three year health warranty

assessments, pre-training, crate training
medical record, fecal exam & dewormer,
1st vaccinations,
microchip w/ registration,
area-wide delivery (negotiable)
and most important, continued support for the lifetime of your new dog...
contact us any time with questions or concerns
quality food, kennel/crate, toys
a great name
obedience training and ongoing socialization
sterilize before 8 months, or
spay/neuter @ 7-8 months
follow through on life-long titers with
vaccinations only when necessary.

Before reserving a puppy from DoodleAround, please complete our online puppy application.
Reserve and pay for your puppy with the following links to Paypal:
reservation fee: $500+3%paypal = $515
initial payment when puppy is 1 week: $1150+3%paypal = $1185
final payment when you know which one is YOUR puppy:
$1150+3%paypal = $1185
for other forms of payment, contact us any time.