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Guardian homes needed. Please look at our Guardian Home page

Born 11/23, Tommy is currently available.  He is crate trained and using the doggy door reliably.  His temperament is playful, cuddly, and resilient and he enjoys meeting our visitors, cohabitating with our adult dogs, younger litter, and cat. He was attending doggy daycare weekly, but is safely home at this time.  See more of his details on our Older Pups page and on his litter page.

Belli and Franklin have 8 gorgeous puppies, born Christmas Eve!  This is a rare opportunity to get a registered Australian Labradoodle directly from a lab and cockapoo pairing!  We have 3 girls and 5 boys in black and apricot.  They should end up 40-60 pounds, with the possibility of slightly smaller or larger.  These puppies will have that scruffy first generation doodle look and they will shed some.  However, they will have perfect coats for hunting and exploring the great outdoors as their coats will be much easier to care for than a typical doodle coat.

Doodle Around George Washington is looking for a guardian home
Doodle Around Betsy Ross is looking for a guardian home
Doodle Around Thomas Jefferson is available
Doodle Around Dolly Madison is available
Doodle Around James Monroe is being tested as a potential breeding dog
Doodle Around John Adams is available
Doodle Around Theodore Roosevelt is available
Doodle Around Abigail Adams is available

Future litters:

Noel is in heat!  We'll be breeding her with Billy Jack as soon as she is ready.  Puppies will be apricots/reds/blacks/partis and tri color around 20-35 pounds.  Due in June, going home in August!
Deposit 1:  
The Fischer family of Seattle, WA (or Harper's)
Deposit 2:
Deposit 3:

Harper and Billy Jack will have caramel partis and solids that end up weighing about 20-35 pounds
Deposit 1:  The Fischer family of Seattle, WA
Deposit 2:
Deposit 3:

Daisy Mae and Comet will have caramels, chocolates and chocolate phantoms that end  up weighing around 40-55 pounds
Deposit 1:
Deposit 2:
Deposit 3:

And looking forward to puppies from future litters:
The Hunt family of Bozeman, MT
The Malcom family of Billings, MT (M, R, Ch, B)
The Koch family of Bozeman, MT

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