If your initials are CS and you are from Glasgow, MT.  I have been trying to reply to your inquiries,
but the two email addresses you've provided are not working--my replies are returned to
me as undeliverable...Please email me directly at carolyn@doodlearound.com
so I can send you a reply.  Thanks!

We feed our dogs Life's Abundance

Home of the calm, social, wicked smart doodle.

Guardian homes needed -- several girls and one upcoming
stud, please look at our guardian home page

We are now accepting applications for Zoey, born May 26.
She is very playful, very cuddly, very loving, and very intelligent.
Being a singleton, she is receiving tons of attention and affection from all
other family members, human and canine.  She uses the
doggy door, can handle stairs, and  is such a sweetheart!!  
She is already mainly house trained--or more accurately,
we are trained to know her cues :)  She had her health check-up
July 18, she's microchipped, first set of shots,
and she's ready to go home July21st.

Upcoming Litters:

Eve is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!  She and Blue  have puppies due
August 9, going home in the first week of October.  This litter should
finish around 28-40 pounds and yield a rainbow of colors:  
reds/apricots/creams, chocolates, and possibly some parti puppies!!
I am so excited for these two awesome dogs to have puppies! It looks like a
pretty small litter, so we're only accepting 2 deposits
until they arrive and we know a final count.
Breeders pick:
1st pick:
2nd pick:

Latte ovulated June 19.  We used artificial insemination with Blue as the stud as he's got a bit of an injury and is just a little too short to get the job done :)  We are dual siring this litter with Leo as well--great tie on June 21.  Puppies are due August 21.  We're expecting a litter of mediums and small standards in
blacks, chocolates, and possible creams.  Ultrasound confirms we're expectint 8-9 puppies!!
Breeders pick:
1st pick:
2nd pick:
3rd pick:
4th pick:
5th pick:
6th pick:
7th pick:


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You may reserve your puppy with Paypal (3% convenience fee included).

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