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So excited to announce Genie is in heat!!  She and Monty two
great ties and she ovulated the 15th, so puppies due around the 17th of October!!
Ultrasound is scheduled for late afternoon, September 14th
Genie and Monty will be bred for large standard cream, chocolate and
black puppies (55-75 pounds).  
Breeder reserves the right to first pick in each litter.  
Breeding male going to Finland
Deposit 1:  The Maloney family of Billings, MT (C,M)
Deposit 2:  The Murphy family of Charlestown, RI (M)
Deposit 3: The Duprey family of Hill City, SD
Deposit 4:  A wonderful family in Lincoln, CA
Deposit 5:

Mary Jane and Blue will be bred for blacks and partis, as well as possible other colors.  
Mary Jane is due to go into heat any day now.
Breeder reserves the right to first & second pick in each litter
Deposit 1:
Deposit 2:
Deposit 3:

Future litters:
1st pick: A wonderful family in Glendive, MT (a future litter)
2nd pick: The Hunt family of Bozeman, MT 

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