Older Pups for Sale

Pink collar girl is looking for her perfect family. She has no fear or anxiety, but she often prefers to sit in the background and watch what is happening before joining in. She is full of fun and loves to learn.  She is motivated by food, and once she sees I have treats, she's happy to do learn anything and everything to get it, lol! She needs to be as socialized as possible by being taken everywhere to experience all life has to offer, and she has gained a lot of confidence since beginning doggy daycare--she goes at least 2X per week.

The trainer says the following about Pink collar girl: This girl is very thoughtful. She noticed her surroundings almost more than what the tester was doing. She was reacting to the loud heaters, and when she was engaged she was very thoughtful about what she would do. She would benefit from further socializing with people and friendly dogs. She should end up around 40-45 pounds as an adult, weighing 13.75 pounds at 10.5 weeks of age.

Peggy Sue is becoming a favorite around here!  She LOVES to cuddle, and is very eager to learn.  She adores everyone who comes to the house and is eager to meet strangers and friends alike.  She really enjoys doggy daycare and is good with all the other dogs.  The trainer said the following about Purple collar girl: Purple girl was a bit nervous, but excited and eager to attempt everything. She was happy when being worked with. She would benefit from someone allowing her time to build trust. I believe that taking her out and about to new places, with someone who can give her positive reinforcemnt, would build her confidence. She would love group obedience classes and agility too. Continue her soicaliztion with other friendly dogs at daycare or playdates. Purple collar girl should end up 40-45 pounds as an adult, weighing 13 pounds at 9 weeks of age.

Whether it's the chewing, barking, house breaking, crate training, or sleep deprivation, sometimes life demands that we skip past those awkward puppy development months.  On rare occasion, DoodleAround may offer a slightly seasoned pup, who has found a remarkable personality and has grown into his/her bladder.  

Why are your older dogs not discounted? Because they have been house trained, doggy door trained, crate trained, socialized, fed, health monitored, they know some basic commands, our health guarantee is still valid until the age of three, and they are up-to-date on all vaccinations.  We love our dogs, pay attention to them as if they are going to be ours for a lifetime, continue to monitor their development, and we will take back any dog that the owner is unable to keep at any time in their life.  We do not want any of our dogs to ever end up in a shelter.  We believe an older puppy is worth more, not less, than a younger puppy.