Fiona & Lager's Litter 1/13/22

Fiona and Fairytale Lane American Lager have delivered a beautiful litter, colored in black phantom, chocolate phantom, apricot, red, and caramel, in solid and parti.  Born in the wee hours of Thursday, we have 5 girls and 5 boys.  Each of these pups should weigh about 15-25 pounds when grown, with some slightly smaller or larger. They will be going home the second week in March, 2022. This is Fiona's 2nd litter, and you're welcome to compare this to her previous litter to see the gorgeous parti puppies she can produce.
 More information on Fiona can be found on our
breeder girls page and Lager can be found at
Fairytale Lane.

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Litter Candids and stats:

Blue collar boy is now
Husqy for the Shaver
family of Billings, MT
Purple collar girl is now
Ahsoka Tano for the Abbey
family of Billings, MT
living with Chewie!
Pink collar girl is now
Dolly for the Slavens
family of Billings, MT
with Harper, Maggie and Chloe!
Yellow collar girl is now
Willow for the Doyle
family of Red Lodge, MT
Green collar boy is Lava, going
to be a breeder with his
daddy at Fairytale Lane!
Orange collar boy is now
Helio for the Peterson
family of Red Lodge, MT
Lime collar girl is now Remi
for the Neighbors family
of Sheridan, WY, with Coco!
Red collar boy is Doodle Around Mandalorian,
living with Comet with an amazing guardian
in Billings, MT! (Mando)
Navy collar boy is now
Leo for the Serawop
family of Billings, MT
Star collar girl is now Bailey
for the Richardson
family of Kalispell, MT
Please complete our puppy application before reserving your new labradoodle.