Older Pups for Sale

Whether it's the chewing, barking, house breaking, crate training, or sleep deprivation, s
ometimes life demands that we skip past those awkward puppy development months.  On rare occasion, DoodleAround may offer a slightly seasoned pup, who has found a remarkable personality and has grown into his/her bladder.  

Why are your older dogs not discounted? Because they have been house trained, doggy door trained, crate trained, quality fed, groomed, health monitored and responsibly vaccinated and medicated as needed.  Our older dogs are given ample socialization, mental stimulation and they are taught basic commands and manners.  Our health guarantee is still valid until the age of three.  We love our dogs, continue to monitor their development, and pay attention to them as if they are going to be ours for a lifetime.  We are committed to our no-questions-asked return policy for any owner unable to keep any of our dogs.  We do not want any of our dogs to ever end up in a shelter.  We believe an older puppy is worth more, not less, than a younger puppy.

Goose is a very laid back boy who should end up around 30-35 pounds.  While he enjoys cuddling for brief periods of time, he prefers his independence--to check in for some love, but be free to go nap under a chair or a bush.  Goose enjoys playing with his cousins, but again likes the freedom to leave them to their play while laying on the sidelines watching them.  He seldom gets into the pool on his own, but if you place him in the pool, he stays for some time. He learns very quickly, and is easy to train.