Our Breeder Girls
Ivylane Tiny Dancer (Tillie) WALA00077997  Birth date: 11/22/2021 MALD  Tillie lives with an exceptional guardian home in Billings, MT.  She is a tiny bundle of sweetness!  She weighs 17 pounds and is 16 inches tall.  We are so looking forward to her mini puppies in 2024!  See Tillie's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Ivalace (Ivy) WALA00063236  
Birth date: 10/28/2020 ALD
Ivy lives with an awesome guardian home right here in Billings, MT!  She may be a bit of a diva, but she has the sweetest demeanor. We absolutely adore her, and cannot wait to meet her puppies in 2024!! Ivy weighs 34 pounds and is 20 inches tall.  

Doodle Around Hooray for Hazel (Hazel) WALA00069367  Birth date: 5/31/2021 MALD
Hazel lives with a great guardian family in Absorokee, MT!  She is a friendly, confident girl and we are looking forward to her puppies in 2024!!  Hazel weighs....and is.....inches tall.

Montana Sky Chica Playa (Playa) WALA00050473  Birth date: 8/28/2021 MALD
 Playa lives with an excellent guardian home in Laurel, MT.  She is our Harper and Brady's granddaughter!!  We are so looking forward to her puppies in 2024!  Playa is about 30 pounds and 19 inches tall.


Doodle Around Trifecta (Scout)  4/17/2022 ALD
Doodle Around Phantom Spirit (Raven) 4/19/2022 ALD
Doodle Around Golden Curls Willow (Willow) 7/13/2022 MALD


Labradoodles of Montana Norse Goddess (Rain) WALA00044589
Birth date:  12/30/19 ALD
Rain is a certified therapy dog living with her guardian home in Gillette, WY.  This gorgeous girl had her first litter on 7/8/22, and her second 6/23/23.  She will have her retirement litter in 2024.  She is an absolutely amazing mom and adores her puppies!!  She is 16 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds. See Rain's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Rock
Star (Fiona) WALA00024679

Birth date: 7/9/19 ALD  Fiona truly is a rock star!  She is such a sweet, cuddly, playful girl!  Everyone loves cuddles from Fiona!  She is our keeper from Peaches' only litter.  She has a great guardian family in Big Timber, MT,  Fiona will have her retirement litter late in 2023/early in 2024.  She is 15 inches tall, and weighs 24 pounds. See Fiona's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Andromeda (Andi) WALA00068571
Birth date: 3/09/21 ALD
Andi's paperwork is here. Andi is a sweet, cuddly girl who loves to be with people. She lives with a wonderful family in Big Timber, MT. She is a large medium girl weighing about 42 pounds and standing about 21" tall. We can't wait to meet her first litter in 2023!

Hills West Cicada Song (Cady) WALA00039561
Birth date: 7/30/20 ALD
Cady is a curly fluffball of incredible sweetness! She lives with a wonderful family right here in Billings, MT. She is a solid medium girl, weighing in about 36 pounds and 19" tall. We can't wait to meet her first litter in 2022!! Cady's paperwork is here.

Doodle Around Morgan le Fay WALA00012378 Birth date:  8/19/18  ALD
Morgan lives with a really great guardian family in Townsend, MT.  She adores living with her mom and  her 5 year old guardian.  She is great with kids, loves to play, and loves to cuddle.  She is also an absolutely amazing mom!  Morgan weighs 38.5 pounds and is almost 19 inches tall.  See Morgan's papers here.

Doodle Around Cookie Dough WALA00012366
Birth date:  10/21/18
Foundation ALD
Cookie is a fun, playful girl who adores cuddling.  She is 16.5 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. See Cookies' paperwork here.

Doodle Around Phantom Menace (Noel) WALA00011967  ALAA-064466  Birth date:  10/30/17
Foundation ALD
Noel is from our own cocker spaniel, Sloan, paired with Bedroc's Friar Tuck.  Noel weighs 18 pounds.  She is a gorgeous little phantom girl with health testing paperwork here. All three of her litters,   9/28/19, 6/10/20, and 6/30/22 have been colorful treats, with spot-on temperaments.

Doodle Around Lovely Black Olive (Olive) WALA00024692
Birth date: 9/28/19 ALD
Olive is 15 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds. See Olive's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Who's Your Girl (Shimmer) WALA00024691
Birth date: 9/28/19 ALD
Shimmer is 15 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds. See Shimmer's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Brown Betty (Betty) WALA00007881 ALAA-068588  Birth date:  4/3/18
Multigen ALD
is out of our Genie's retirement litter.  She's passed her health testing and will likely throw large standard puppies.  Betty weighs 47 pounds and is 21 inches tall.  Her records are attached here.

Doodle Around Four Leaf Clover WALA00012566 Birth date:  8/19/18

Clover has a wonderful, social disposition, is smart as a whip, and we're so excited to meet her first puppies!  She has a terrific guardian family right here in Yellowstone County.  At 2 years old in August 2021, Clover is expected to be 18 inches tall, weighing 35 pounds. See Clover's paperwork here.
Doodle Around Chocoholic (Holly) WALA00012369
hollyMultigen ALD
 Holly is out of our Blue and Eve--our Jazzy's granddaughter!  She is sweet, playful, and oh so FUN!!  Everyone who meets her adores her!  She is living in a wonderful guardian home with Sloan.  She should have her first litter for us sometime in late '18, and will have her retirement litter July of '21.  Holly has produced 5 therapy puppies, and we expect more in her final litter.  She has a soft, wavy fleece coat and carries cream.  Holly weighs 33 pounds and is 20 inches tall.  See her papers here.

Waltzing Matilda's Huggable Harper (Harper) WALA00013255 ALAA-065403
Multigen ALD
Harper truly is huggable!  She loves to run and play, but is the sweetest cuddler when held.  This gorgeous red girl is going to have her retirement litter in August, 2021!
 She weighs 22 pounds.  Her records are attached here.

Doodle Around Daisy Mae (Daisy) WALA00007880 ALAA-068587
Mulitigen ALD
Daisy is out of our Genie's retirement litter.  This sweet, calm girl will have her first puppies in 2021.  Daisy currently weighs 56.5 pounds and is 22 inches tall.
 Her records are attached here.

Doodle Around Milky Way WALA00019929
Multigen ALD

Star is a very sweet, snuggly chocolate parti girl living with a wonderful guardian family right here in Billings.  She is the granddaughter of our sweet Genie girl. She is 18.5 inches tall at 2 years of age, and weighs 32 pounds. See Star's papers here.

Doodle Around Black Beauty (Bella) WALA00007876 ALAA-055986
Multigen ALD
Bella is out of Blue and Jazzy.  She is a very loving, very calm little girl who we all adore.  She is living with a great guardian she adores.  Bella has a very soft, silky, wavy fleece coat.  She carries chocolate and parti.  We are looking forward to meeting her puppies later in '18, or early in '19.  Bella weighs 35 pounds and is 21 inches tall.  See her papers here:

Doodle Around Bellisima Maggior WALA00025394 AKC#:  SS06127607
Labrador Retriever
Belli is an AKC labrador retriever who's passed her health testing and has proven to be a great mother with well-fed, chubby pups.
Bellisima weighs 56 pounds and is 22 inches tall.  Her records are attached here.

PeachesDoodle Around Peaches and Cream (Peaches) WALA00011966 ALAA-064465
First generation ALD
Peaches is out of our Sloan and Bedrock's Friar Tuck.  She is a gorgeous little parti girl who has passed all of her health testing. Peaches is a super sweet girl and we look forward to her puppies.  Peaches weighs 32 pounds and is 17.5 inches tall.  See her papers here.

Rocky Mountain High (Mary Jane) WALA00007385 ALAA-43360
First Generation Australian Labradoodle

Mary Jane comes to us from Colorado and has found a wonderful guardian family in central Montana.  She is such a sweet, calm girl, great with children, and we are looking forward to each upcoming litter. Her first litter arrived November of  '17. They were amazing puppies and several had therapy dog qualities. Mary Jane is an amazing mom!!  MJ is 29 pounds and 21 inches tall.  Her health test results are here.

Doodle Around Molly (Molly) WALA00007879 ALAA-155967
Multigen ALD
Molly is out of our Blue and Genie and is such a sweet, sweet girl!  Molly has a silky, soft fleece coat.  Molly carries for cream, chocolate and parti.
She lives with a wonderful guardian home.  We hope to meet her puppies later in 2018!  Molly weighs 40 pounds and is 21 inches tall.  See her paperwork here.

Doodle Around Chicka Chicka (Sloan)  WALA0001938 ALAA-43345
Cocker Spaniel

Sloan, our AKC Cocker Spaniel is living with a wonderful guradian family! Sloan is such a sweetheart, she absolutely loves to run and play, but is extremely happy to cuddle--she has a spot on her belly that causes her to kick both back legs when you scratch it!  She loves to go for walks and is working on several basic commands--she is crate trained, knows sit, down, and wait as well as "outside".  She comes when called, and potties on command. Sloan weighs 22 pounds and is 16 inches tall.  She is the most amazing momma dog we've ever had!!  She adores her puppies, and they are so sweet and playful, just like their momma!!.  Her health testing is here.

Doodle Around Chloe (Chloe)  WALA0007877
Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Chloe is out of our Genie and Blue.  She has the most gorgeous, silky, black fleece coat.  Chloe lives with a guardian in Billings, MT and gets to go to work with him daily at the My Place Hotel.  She is an absolute sweetheart and the guests of the hotel fall in love quickly.  We hope to have puppies with Chloe late in 2017.  She is currently 37 pounds and 22 inches tall.  See her paperwork here.

OMG Jasmine (Genie) ALAA-040650
Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Genie is a multigen Australian Labradoodle who weighs 55 pounds and is 22 inches tall.  She is obsessed with fetching and is getting better at "give it" all the time.  She also loves to play tug of war :)  She is a very sweet girl who enjoys playing with the other dogs, loves to go for walks, is in heaven cuddling on your lap, and is very eager to please.  Genie sits great on command, but we haven't worked on many other commands as she became a mom so shortly after joining our home.  She is an absolutely amazing first time mom.  Thank you so much to Linda at OMG for this wonderful girl!!  Look at Genie's health testing here.


Living Streams Babbling Brooke (Brooke) ALAA-040736 Multigen Australian Labradoodle   Brooke comes to us from Living Streams right here in Montana!!  Our Leo is her dad and we are so excited for her to become a mom for our program.  She is living with an amazing guardian family near Columbus, MT.  She is extremely intelligent and has gorgeous coat.  We expect her first litter in August of 2017!  Brooke is 31.5 pounds and almost 20 inches tall.  Her health testing is here.

DoodleAround Evening Delight (Eve) ALAA-035604 Multigen Labradoodle  Eve has found a wonderful Guardian family nearby. Her personality is patient and gentle, with some puppy energy and playfulness to spare.  She is a multigen from all American lines.  Eve weighs 42 pounds and is 20 inches tall.  I truly do not think she could be a sweeter puppy :)  Eve's testing-in-progress can be seen here.

DoodleAround Huckleberry Latte ALAA-032394 Multigen Australian Labradoodle  

Latte is now living with a wonderful guardian family.  Thank you to the Sandersons for loving our Latte.  She is such a sweet Australian multigen girl.  She is ready to try anything, while remaining so calm and friendly.  Latte has passed all her testing so far, and her first heat cycle began in April.  Latte weighs 50 pounds and is 23" tall.  Latte's papers can be seen here.

Doo South Sweet Southern Jasmine of DoodleAround ALAA-026185
Multigen Labradoodle
   Jasmine is our all-American multigen super sweet chocolate girl.  She has a soft, curly fleece coat which has retained its very dark chocolate color.  She is a beloved member of our family who loves to play fetch and catch.  Jasmine has had some very large litters, and she is an amazing mom.  She is very loving and attentive.  Thank you so much to DooSouth Labradoodles for this most amazing little girl.  Jasmine weighs 48 pounds and is 23" tall.  Jasmine's papers can be seen here.

Adhonay Rising Sun of DoodleAround (Dawn) ALAA-032393Dawn1Dawn2Dawn3Dawn4Dawn5Dawn6  Dawn is our multigen Australian labradoodle from Adhonay's.  Her bloodline is traceable to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.  Dawn is another amazing mom--she adores her puppies.  As we take Dawn many places, she is becoming extremely well socialized around people and other dogs.  This gentle girl is loving and cuddly and she has a coat as soft as a teddy bear. She loves to play fetch, catch, and keep it away from Jasmine, lol.  Dawn weighs 33.4 pounds and is 20" tall.  Dawn's papers can be seen here