Our Breeder Boys
Bull Valley Boscoe Holder (Boscoe) WALA00069667 Birth date: 5/10/21 ALAA-104038  
multigen ALD  Proven and Available for Stud Service
Boscoe is one of the sweetest boys I've met!  His vet threatened to kidnap him when he went in for health testing, she loved him so much!  Boscoe is living the life with Brady, Quill, and an amazing guardian family!  We can't wait to meet his puppies!  Boscoe is 16 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  See his paperwork here.

Lucky Me Italian Stallion (Rocky) WALA00046365 Birth date: 10/13/20
ALD Proven and
Available for Stud Service
Rocky is so beloved by his guardian family!  He is a chill dog who loves going places, but is so happy to chill at home.  Rocky is 22 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds.  See his paperwork here.

 Waltzing Matilda's Beguiling Billy (Billy) WALA00019223 Birth date: 6/9/19  ALD Proven and Available for Stud Service
Billy is such a sweet boy!  He loves kids and dogs.  He is playful and LOVES to cuddle.  Billy carries for parti and chocolate.  He weighs 35 pounds and is 19 inches tall.  See Billy's paperwork here.

BradyBradyBradyBradyBradyBradyLabradoodle Dreams Do Come True (Brady) WALA00007885 Birth date: 5/8/17 ALAA-063879 ALD Proven and Available for Stud Service
Brady is such a gorgeous boy!  He has gorgeous conformation, a beautiful chocolate wavy fleece coat, and such a sweet personality! He carries cream and parti.  He lives with a wonderful guardian and his little "brothers" Boscoe and Quill!  Brady is about 35 pounds and 18.5 inches tall.  See Brady's paperwork here.

Ocean View Coquille (Quill) WALA00073503 Birth date: 9/19/21 ALD
This sweet loving boy is looking for a guardian home. Quill is such an adorable boy!  He is by far our curliest boy, but he doesn't have the typical wooly feel that comes with the curls, he is so soft and silky--just a delight to cuddle with!  Quill is very confident, and he loves to cuddle. See Quill's paperwork here.

Doodle Around Mandalorian (Mando) WALA00077546 Birth date: 1/13/22
Proven and Available for Stud Service
We almost never keep boys from our own program, but Mando is just too perfect in every way! He is very sweet, very confident, and has excellent structure, currently standing 16" and at 23.5 lbs.  He lives with Comet (aka Chewie) in an amazing guardian home!  See Mando's paperwork here.

Upcoming Studs:

Monarch Bad to the Bones (Bones) WALA00092615  This sweet, loving, GORGEOUS boy is going to have some absolutely amazing puppies for us starting in 2024!  We are so excited to meet his puppies next year!  His health testing will be posted here in the near future.

Ell's Shooting Star (Comet, aka Chewie)  WALA00025455 Birth date: 5/30/19 Multigen ALD Proven and Available for Stud Service
Comet is one of the sweetest boys I've ever met.  He loves his human family, gets along great with other dogs, and enjoys cuddling.  He weighs 48 pounds and is 21.5 inches tall.  See Comet's paperwork here.

DoodleAround Diamond in the Ruff (Leo) WALA00007883 Birth date: 5/29/12 ALAA-032455
F1B Labradoodle
Leo is a beautiful F1B boy out of our Misty and Hudson.  He has a super soft, thick, wavy combination fleece/wool coat.  He is a coat corrector!  He is currently living with a wonderful guardian family and his best buddy Monty.  Leo is such a fun-loving boy, you have to smile when you watch him play.  Leo weighs 59 pounds and is 25" tall.  Leo's papers can be seen here.

Cottage Grove Benjamin Franklin (Frankie) WALA00011622 ALAA-063876
franklin franklinfranklinfranklinfranklinCockapoo
Frankie is such a sweet boy!  This phantom Cockapoo is going to add some really cool markings to our puppies!  Frankie has a soft, wavy fleece coat.  He is currently looking for an awesome guardian family.  Franklin weighs 28 pounds and is 18.5 inches tall.  See his papers here.

Southern State Beale Street Blues (Blue)  WALA00005357 ALAA-041141
Multigen ALD 
Blue came to us from Southern States Australian Labradoodles--thank you Marcia for this amazing boy.  He is black with white mismarks, but carries for cream/red, chocolate, and parti.  He has a wavy, silky, fleece coat that is really easy to care for.  I absolutely adore this sweet boy's babies!  He is living with an amazing guardian family and adores his people.  Blue is very playful and loving.  Blue is 19 inches tall and weighs 29-30 pounds.  His testing results can be seen here.

Rocky Mountain's Benjamin of DoodleAround ALAA-014987 
Ben is a laid back Australian doodle with bloodlines traceable to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.  He was born chocolate, and has faded to a gorgeous lavendar.  He basks in the love of a wonderful Guardian family.
Ben's papers can be seen here.

Davis Doodles Piedmont (Monty) WALA00007831 ALAA-035598
Multigen Australian Labradoodle
Monty1monty2Monty came to us from Davis Doodles and has found a wonderful guardian home in Billings, Montana.  He and Leo have become best buddies.  He has passed his testing with flying colors and is a proven stud.  This Australian multigen is such a loving sweetheart of a dog--everyone he meets adores him.  I couldn't ask for a sweeter boy--he will go and do anything, loving the water, but he is also happy to be home and be calm and snuggly.  Another breeder mentioned wanting a dog so calm he is part of the furniture--this describes Monty to a T.    He has a soft, curly wool chocolate coat that has faded to parchment. Monty weighs 80 pounds and is 28" tall.   His papers can be seen here.