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To continue expanding our breeding program, and to ensure all of our breeding dogs live a pampered lifestyle with their own forever family, we have implemented a Guardian Home program.

Our breeding program offers the occasional opportunity for guardian homes ... where a pick-of-the-litter breeding dog lives in another home, a short distance away.  They become a great pet for that household, but we retain breeding rights.  The details & obligations of our guardian homes are listed below.

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian Homes are a great opportunity for the right pet owners. We use guardian homes to further our breeding program, without having too many dogs in our own home.  Guardianships enable pick-of-the-litter breeding dogs to live one-on-one with their forever family.

As a Guardian home, the dog stays with you as your family dog, while we retain breeding rights.  You are responsible for training your dog--it should pass its Canine Good Citizen by 18 months of age.  We want people to meet our dogs and want one just like that, not be put off by poor behavior.  You are also responsible for the dog’s regular health maintenance: heartworm preventative, annual exams, booster shots, food, etc.  We pay for any genetic health testing required for our breeding, and all breeding expenses.  Once the dog has passed initial health testing (usually prior to his/her first birthday), he/she returns to Doodle Around for relatively short periods of time for breeding and/or whelping. When the dog is older and completes his/her breeding obligations, we pay for spay/neuter and your dog comes home to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for him/her since puppyhood.  Males are typically neutered between 8-9 years of age.  Females in guardian homes may have up to four litters (minimum of three) prior to being spayed, usually by their 4th birthday.

There are many things that Guardian families need to consider.  Guardians of females sometimes have to deal with several heat cycles and keeping their girl protected from unwanted males and rogue litters.  The Guardian family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding.  Guardians of males will need to be comfortable with "macho” behavior as well as protect him from "getting around."  Because of canine venerial diseases, your male can only mate with approved females chosen by Doodle Around.

Guardian dogs are placed with a $500 fee, which is refunded with litters produced ($500 paid to guardian of female for every litter produced, $100 to the guardian of a stud).  Why the cost?  If a puppy doesn't meet our high testing standards, the Guardian contract reverts to a pet contract.  If we decide not to use the dog as a breeder, you are responsible for  neutering/spaying (as you would with a pet) and you retain ownership under a Pet contract.  Our health warranty remains the same for any dog whelped at Doodle Around, whether it is in a Guardian home or a Pet home.

Benefits for the Guardian Home:

  • Guardians have a pick-of-the-litter, chosen by the breeder
  • Guardians have additional health information for their dog
  • Guardians receive ongoing support and training from the breeder
  • Guardians can schedule trips during breeding/whelping without worry or cost of kenneling their pet

Benefits for the Guardian Dog:

  • Following retirement, the Guardian dog won't need re-homed
  • Guardian dogs are well-socialized and in stable home environments
  • Guardian dogs rarely have to be kenneled when their family is traveling
Qualifying to be a Guardian Home:
  • Guardians must have previous dog experience
  • Guardians must never strike the dog as a form of discipline
  • Guardians must own and live in a home with a fully fenced yard
  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash or in a fenced area
  • Guardians must attend puppy obedience classes
  • Guardians must ensure the puppy is socialized to adults, children and other animals
  • Dog must pass a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) course within 1 1/2 years
  • Guardians must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed, including annual shots and heartworm preventative
  • Guardians must feed the dog a diet approved by the breeder, currently Life’s Abundance
  • Guardians must not allow the dog to participate in extended strenuous running on concrete or other hard surface before 15 months of age
  • Guardians must notify breeder immediately when a female begins her heat cycle
  • Guardians must not allow a female in heat near intact males
  • Guardians must not allow a male to breed with unapproved females
  • Guardians must live within a reasonable driving distance of Doodle Around
  • Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, whelping, and other breeding related activities

The most important requirement is that you love this bundle of joy as a cherished member of your family!

If you need more information or are interested in becoming a Guardian home, please fill out our puppy application.